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omar's life

Attached to Omar's Life for 7 minutes is a short film which gives us a look into Omar's life. His life is a tragic piece of solitude, rejection and despair. Attached to Omar's Life for 7 minutes is coming to a cinema near you in September.. if you happen to live in the Netherlands.

A short film by Robbert-Jan Vos.




Wolf, graduation film Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie (director: Joris J Hoebe)

composition and soundscapes / sound design together with Floris de Haan

festivalIntro and Festival scenes (compilation) [mp3, ~ 3.7 MB]

eyesFinale [mp3, ~ 1.3 MB]




Autonomous music



Commissioned music

proyecto BinetProyecto Binet or "The apparition of the Virgin Mary on the planet Mars"

The lofty goals of the Binet multimedia project are, alas, momentarily in suspended animation, pun intended. Starting point is a SciFi story by Jorge Ortíz, one of the inhabitants of the Binet institution.

There's a Macromedia Shockwave movie here, that is one of the beta versions of scenes 1 - 4. (Opens in a new window.) The wonderful images are made by visual artist Ruth Estévez. More information over at losobsoletos.



Pop, misc. tempmixes, plain weird stuff, etc.


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