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Gentlenarcotic is the name I picked some years ago as a label for my musical activities. Taken from the song of the same title, it had the advantage that nothing turned up in Google. As such, Gentlenarcotic is mostly Bastiaan Egberts, but since nothing stops me from collaborating with other people under this moniker, I sometimes use the plural "we" on this web site. This has little to do with illusions of grandeur.

Gentlenarcotic produce a wide variety of production music, sound design and autonomous compositions. Think film, multimedia and advertising... late night artsy experimentation, orchestral compositions, and the odd bit of live engineering as well.

Bastiaan's ultra brief Bio.

Bastiaan Egberts *1977 / VWO (1995) / HKA, classical piano / RUU, musicology / HKU, fac. KMT, music technology (2001)

Some Projects


The list above is by no means complete.

You can find some audio samples over at the music page.


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